Why Laser Can Turn Out to Be The Best Hair Removal Solution for You

The struggle of unwanted hair is real as a woman. We all want to look smooth, silky, glowing and hair free 24/7 but how many of us actually achieve this ideal? Almost, none of us! I mean for sure, we can get a smooth skin for a day or two but soon after that the dreadful hair starts to grow again and we feel no less than a teddy bear.

Most Commonly Used Methods

The most commonly used hair removal methods include shaving, waxing and epilating. Let’s have a brief look into the methods and see why they don’t work well for most of us.


It is probably the most commonly used method for hair removal and is the most damaging to our skin. Although, it is an inexpensive method and you can do it in the comfort of your own home and you only need a shaving gel and a razor. Now there are quite a few problems associated with it. I am going to enlist a few of them below:

• You have to shave daily. Yes, daily unless you want to resemble a cactus.
• You can get razor burns.
• Ingrown hair is nearly unavoidable. They can be quite painful as well.
• It is extremely time-consuming.


Waxing is the second popular approach for eliminating unwanted hair. There are quite a few types of wax; hot wax, lemon wax, hard wax and candle wax. It can be done at home or at the saloons but it can get quite expensive if done regularly over the years. This method is slightly better than shaving as you can be hair free for 4 days to a week before you start to see the hair growing again. But here are a few issues with the technique:

• It is an expensive method.
• It has to be repeated, twice a month.
• You have to let your hair grow in between the sessions.
• You won’t be smooth and hair free, 24/7.
• It can be messy and is not suitable for people with sensitive skin.


Now, it is the most convenient of all traditional methods. All you need is an epilating device and that’s it. No mess, no products. It is a onetime investment. What does an epilating device do? It has a bunch of tweezers that remove your hair from the root. It can be repeated every few days. This method has the following issues:

• It has to be repeated at least once a week.
• Hair grows back thicker; you know the drill with tweezers.
• You might have to replace the epilating device every few years or months, depending upon the quality.

So, What can I Do Know?

You are probably frustrated by now with my rant regarding hair removal methods and why they don’t work and are more than ready to know the answer to your worries. The answer lies in laser hair removal. Yes, I know that there are many speculations associated with it and there have been certain disastrous cases in the past. But, guys technology has changed, lasers and dermatologists have become a lot smarter and the only side effect you can have from it is that you can’t play a polar bear for the next upcoming costume party. Here is a list of some key benefits which makes laser an ideal choice for you:

1. It is permanent. Yes, it is guys. Believe me. Many clinics provide many back guarantees if your hair grows back. Just choose the clinic wisely.

2. It is a onetime investment. You won’t have to spend a single penny on hair removal products.

3. It is quick. Yes, you might need a couple of sessions depending upon your hair and skin characteristics and quantity of hair but the session won’t last more than an hour.

4. It is pain-free; forget the painful waxing and epilating.

5. The laser can actually help to improve the texture of your skin as well.

Laser Skin Care has been providing amazing skin care and hair removal services for more than a decade now. We provide the best skin care and beauty solutions and help you become the epitome of perfection. Say, goodbye to your insecurities and welcome the new, confident you. Laser hair removal Dubai is one of our most popular procedures that will leave your skin hair free for life.


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